Cosmetics with a Nordic heart.

Nature is our source of beauty and inspiration. We strive to keep her free from conflict, exploitation, or any form of impurity. Putting the environment first is a mindset deeply rooted in every part of the Nordic way of life – from the ingredients we select, to the materials we use for packaging, to the way we imagine the world should be – and reflected in every Lava Art product.

Our earth-first mentality is our “why” – why we design and why we craft; but our products alone don’t define who we are. Because the true essence of LAVA ART is only realized in each uniquely rich, and genuine story of cruelty-free living being told every day by the world’s best storytellers–you.

Welcome to the LAVA ART way of life.

Always natural. Always cruelty-free.


Kosmetik med et nordisk hjerte.


THE PERFECT CUSHION The Perfect Cover Glow and Matte compact cushion. The Norway launch of our vegan-friendly signature product is a success and the cruelty-free journey officially begins.


THE PERFECT CONCEALER With the success of our signature product, we introduce four paraben-free color concealers to our cosmetic lineup and LAVA ART expands to new market–Sweden.


THE PERFECT SPONGE Our first accessory to launch is an ergonomic cosmetic sponge which provides easy, all-in-one, and long-lasting makeup application for powders and liquids.


EUROPE AND BEYOND In just two short years, LAVA ART is ready to take their cruelty-free journey across Europe and around the world. New products and new cushion colors are in development everyday as LAVA ART counts down the days for its global launch.


Cosmetics with a Nordic heart.

INNOVATION, SOM BETYDER NOGET Better skincare solutions that are healthier for you and the environment–it‘s priority No.1

ÅBENHED Der er intet, der gør os mere stolte end at fortælle, hvem vi er, hvad vi laver, og hvordan vi gør det.

CERTIFICERET 100 % DYREVENLIG Vi har en streng nultolerancepolitik omkring nogen som helst form for test på dyr og vold mod dyr.

FOR ALLE Vores brugervenlige makeup kan bruges af alle, uanset hudtype og hudfarve.

KVALITETSINGREDIENSER We don't use parabens to preserve ingredients. Instead, we work harder to find healthier alternatives.

JORDEN KOMMER FØRST Vi forsøger altid at reducere vores brug af plastic og andre miljøskadelige materialer.